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Jan-Mar 2024 Future-Ready Leader Experience

About The Experience

Developing leaders for the modern workplace and workforce is a strategic imperative for many organizations. Learning is being reinvented to leverage technology, integrate with work experience, and become a life-long pursuit. Here are the ways we have built Leadership Incubator Experiences with you in mind.

Through Leadership Incubator, you’ll:

  • Join a community of like-minded leaders and grow through shared experiences.
  • Access trends impacting the business environment, technology and talent.
  • Change the way you think and act to elevate your effectiveness.

Thoughtfully Curated Content

A robust combination of academic theory, current research, industry trends, and best practices

Into Action Workbooks to take a deeper dive into each topic, packed with exercises and action step

On-demand learning with 24/7 access to all modules and materials 


Facilitated Learning

6 Virtual Sessions for real-time coaching, experiential activities, peer-to-peer learning

One-on-one coaching for two personalized sessions bookending your experience

All-Access Pass to your instructor and members of your learning community for questions and feedback via our private digital platform

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